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Conquering Weight Loss – the easy way

In this presentation Dr. Meschino, co-author of “Break The Weight Loss Barrier” (Prentice-Hall), “The Winning Weigh” and author of “The Meschino Optimal Living Program” (Wiley Publishing), explains how he has helped hundreds of patients lose weight by using the three surefire metabolic principles that turn your body into a fat-burning machine. These three metabolic principles ensure that overweight individuals will:  

  1. Shrink their fat mass 
  2. Feed their lean mass 

3 Starve their body Fat  

The net result is a thinner, fitter, healthier, and often happier individual, who can reclaim the body nature intended them to have.   

This clinically proven program enables individuals to lose weight without the grueling and tedious practice of DIETING, COUNTING CALORIES and giving up CARBS.  

 Don’t miss this opportunity to finally discover how to achieve lasting weight loss results – the easy way 

The Benefits Of Corporate Wellness

Take care of your most valuable asset

Engage your
whole team

Support employees to thrive at work and in life

Be a leader in your industry & attract new employees

Knowledge is Power – our program is education rooted

Team feels
they are valued

Attract and retain employees in a WFH and Work From Anywhere reality. Geographic barriers no longer exist –so attract the best from anywhere.

Educate for growth on a Professional level:
Through our soft skills and
professional development course

Educate for growth on Personal level :
Through our nutrition and wellness webinars and

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