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Stress, Nutrition, and Immunity: How to optimize your immune health to help reduce vulnerability to respiratory tract infections 

Studies show that influenza and other viral and bacterial infections that affect the respiratory tract are more lethal in those whose immune systems are compromised. Conversely, a key factor in preventing viral and other infections from infecting the upper and lower respiratory tract (lungs) and preventing any infection that may occur from becoming more virulent (severe), involves optimal functioning of one’s immune system.   

Stress, lack of sleep, over-training and other factors can weaken the immune system and increase our susceptibility to these infections and reduce the ability of our immune system to muster an effective response. Nutrient deficiencies, even marginal deficiencies, are one of the factors also shown to weaken the immune system  

In this presentation Dr. Meschino cites the clinical studies showing that optimal intake of key nutritional constituents (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids) help optimize immune function as well as outlining practical nutrition and lifestyle strategies to decrease the effects of stress on the body, which can further weaken our immune system, and leave us vulnerable to infections of this type.  

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