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The 12 Nutrition and Lifestyle Steps to Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer: the scientific evidence that all women should know

Over the past 30 years the body of evidence has shown that approximately 50% of breast cancer cases are attributable to faulty dietary and lifestyle practices (Willett W. 1996 – Journal of the National Cancer Institute), and another 25-30 % of risk is associated with not having a full-term pregnancy (and breast feeding) before age 30. Consequently, only about 20-25% of all breast cancer cases are strongly linked to bad genes. Yet, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in Canadian women.    

 In this seminar Dr Meschino spells out the 12 most vital, scientifically based, lifestyle practices that all women should consider, as part of a proactive wellness regime to protect themselves. This presentation explains the exact mechanism of action through which faulty dietary and lifestyle patterns have been shown to encourage the development of breast cancer. It also outlines how specific foods, supplements and lifestyle patterns have been shown to prevent normal breast cells from becoming transformed into malignant cells   

We all know that early detection for cancer is an important part of catching cancer at an earlier, more treatable stage, but the question remains, how do we prevent it from developing in the first place? Dr Meschino will outline what the latest evidence suggests about this important subject. 

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